Space Gremlin

Find large files eating up space on your hard drive


Main View

  1. New Scan - Open a drive or folder to start a new scan
  2. Zoom - Double click any folder to zoom in for a closer view, select zoom back to return to the parent folder
  3. Refresh Folder - Quickly rescan any selected folder to update space used
  4. Ignore Item - Exclude important files or folders from the view to increase the visibility of gremlins hiding on your system
  5. Show in Finder - Reveal an item in the Finder to get more info or to move files around.
  6. Compress - Perform a simple compression on a file or folder. The compressed zip file will be placed in the same parent directory as the original item.
  7. Move to Trash - Add item to your user Trash. Don't forget to empty your system trash to recover space.
  8. Free Space & Hidden Files - Toggle visibility of special items from the tree visualization.
  9. Ignore List - Manage items added to your ignore list or add common directories to be ignored.
  10. Blue items represent Folders, white items represent Files, right click on any item for additional features.

Additional Features


How do I get back to the home screen or perform a new scan?

You can access the home screen at any time by selecting View > Quick Launch from the application menu. To scan any folder on your drive, simply select New Scan from the menu.

I moved a file to the Trash but I didn't get back any free space, why?

Space Gremlin allows you to Move items to the Trash but doesn't permanently destroy anything on your hard drive. In order to recover free space you will need to Empty the Trash from the Dock or Finder menu. If you have trouble moving items to the Trash, you can choose Show in Finder on any item in order to delete it.

Why can't I Compress an item or Move it to Trash?

Certain Volumes scanned with Space Gremlin are locked from compressing or trashing items. Bootcamp volumes and Network drives are typically locked to read-only. When this happens the Compress and Move To Trash icons will be disabled in Space Gremlin.

How do I hide a specific file or folder?

Space Gremlin offers a simple feature to ignore popular paths on your files sytem, or any file you choose. To ignore a popular location, like say your /Music/ directory, select the "Ignored Files" dropdown in the menu bar. From here you can toggle pre-populated paths on your drive. To ignore a custom file or folder, select the item or right click it and choose "Ignore". You can toggle custom ignored files from the "Ignored Files" menu item.

Why are Preferences disabled in the app?

At the moment there aren't any preferences available to change in the app. If you can think of options you'd like to tweak, please add your suggestion to the Support Forums.

Help! Space Gremlin won't launch on my computer!

If you purchases Space Gremlin through the Mac App Store and it won't launch, or bounces in your dock momentarily and then disappears, you may need to redownload Space Gremlin from the App Store. First, delete the app from your Applications directory, then open the Mac App Store and visit the Purchased tab. You should see the option to re-install Space Gremlin from there.