Space Gremlin

Find large files eating up space on your hard drive

Space Gremlin License Modes

In 2012, the Mac App store began requiring all new app updates to be locked into a security "sandbox". Space Gremlin is no exception and with the arrival of version 2.0, it's time to submit to the new security model. For this reason, the Mac App store version of Space Gremlin has a few features disabled. Not to worry, those features are preserved in Space Gremlin Pro for everyone to continue using. The feature changes are listed below along with instructions for unlocking Space Gremlin Pro.

Demo Mode

As before, the demo mode of Space Gremlin Pro allows you to scan a limited number of folders on your computer to test out the features available. You are restricted from scanning user selected drives and folders. You can download the demo here.

App Store Mode

Users who purchase and download Space Gremlin from the app store will need to launch in App Store mode. This mode allows you to view all your connected hard drives, but you can no longer select these drives to quickly scan. Instead, you will have to click the New Scan button and select the hard drive or folder from the resulting dialog box to scan. Once scanned, you can always select the location again from the Recents lists to quickly scan again.

Pro Mode

Pro mode gives you unrestricted access to your hard drives. You can quickly scan all connected drives and a larger list of user folders automatically, no need to search for them in the New Scan dialog. Pro mode also allows you to enable Admin mode which you can use to scan restricted files on your drive.

How to unlock Space Gremlin Pro

  1. Purchase and download Space Gremlin from the Mac App store. This should install to your /Applications/folder by default. If you already own Space Gremlin then you're set to go.
  2. Download Space Gremlin Pro 2.0.3 and move it to your /Applications folder. When you first open Space Gremlin Pro it should be running in Demo mode.
  3. Import the app store license. Choose Help > Import License from the system menu. You will be prompted with a window to locate your purchased copy of Space Gremlin. Find the app located in your Applications directory and choose OK.
  4. If done properly, the license will be imported successfully and you can begin using Pro features. If an error is reported, you may need to move Space Gremlin Pro to your /Applications folder or redownload Space Gremlin from the app store again before attempting to import the license.